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MOT & Servicing

Cars & Commercial

With a fully licensed MOT lane and an experienced team of mechanics we provide MOT and Servicing for cars, motorhomes, horse trailers, HGV's up to 7.5 Tonnes and juggernaut tractors.

If your vehicle is over 3 years old it requires a yearly MOT inspection to ensure it is safe to use on the road.

Why not book your service at the same time so you just require one visit. Servicing maintains your vehicle which reduces the risk of a breakdown and is recommended by all manufacturers.

What is an MOT?

Awsworth Motor Company Ltd

An MOT is annual inspection that is required by law on all vehicles that are older than 3 years. The inspection follows strict criteria set by the DVSA including checks on the vehicles lights, steering & suspension, windscreen, seats, seatbelts, fuel system, emissions, brakes, wheels & tyres, mirrors, doors and horn to ensure the vehicle is safe to use on the road.

Without an MOT certificate you cannot drive your vehicle or renew your road tax.

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Horsebox & Trailers

MOT & Servicing

We specialise in horsebox MOT and servicing with all the latest vehicle diagnostic and a large stock of parts available to ensure your horsebox is reliable when you need it.

If you would like help making sure a horsebox is in good repair before you purchase it we can also provide a pre-purchase check to make sure you do not have any expensive surprises.

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Car & Commercial Servicing

Awsworth Motor Company Ltd

Servicing your vehicle helps to reduce the risk of a breakdown and is recommended by manufacturers to be completed at regular intervals. If you have not serviced your vehicle in a while it is advised to do so.

Our team of experienced mechanics can provide servicing at reduced costs compared to dealerships using genuine parts.

What is a Service?

Awsworth Motor Company Ltd

A service is an inspection that keeps your car functioning in a reliable and safe condition. Each manufacturer provides a recommended service schedule for their vehicles and recommend specific checks and replacement of parts to keep the vehicle running as expected.

Oil and filters are generally changed to help the engine run smoothly along with checks on brakes and suspension.

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Fleet Maintenance

Awsworth Motor Company Ltd

With the capacity to work on vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes and can ensure that your fleet of vehicles are properly maintained. If you have vehicles off the road it could be impacting your company profits. With our fleet maintenance services we can help ensure you always have the capacity.

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